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01/12/03 - The ProMT Monster Truck Racing Dates, have just been released. Check out the events page on this site for further details.

25/10/03 - Today Tony has been preparing Swamp Thing 4x4, ready for the two up and coming monster truck events. The first event is being held at Kings Lynn this Wednesday night, the second event is being held at Tir Prince Raceway, North Wales.

30/09/03 - "BIGFOOT & Friends" is to air on Granada Men & Motors.

The Men & Motors Team have been following us about for the entire Monster Truck Racing Season and have put together the show "BIGFOOT & Friends". Here's what the say about the show on there website:-

" 'Bigfoot' is one of the most recognised Monster Trucks in the world - but the beast is now spawning replica's built to the same impressive standard as the original. This show will look at the first ever 'Bigfoot' to be built in the UK - indeed it's the first ever 'Bigfoot' to be officially made outside of the USA. The truck (and several others) are touring the UK and the 'Bigfoot & Friends team have been given unparalleled access to the action as well as the behind-the-scenes drama. "

Swamp Thing driver Tony called me up today asking if I had seen it advertised on sky, because in the show advert it features Tony driving Swamp Thing at one of the events. Tony was more than pleased, be sure none of you Monster Trucks fans miss this series. Remember, Swamp Thing jointly won the Freestyle aspect of the Racing Championship, and came a close second in the actual Racing Championship.

It is set to be shown on Men & Motors, starting from this Friday, 3rd October 2003. For a complete listing of the shows please click here but be sure to check local listing to make sure you don't miss it! Men & Motors website can be found here - www.menandmotors.co.uk

30/09/03 - SWAMP THING Joint 1st in PRO-MT European Monster Truck Free Style Championship & 2nd in PRO-MT European Monster Truck Racing Championship.

Yes you did read correct. In Swamp Thing's first year, monster truck driver Tony Dixon has jointly won the Freestyle aspect of the Monster Truck Racing Championship (along with Bigfoot) and came second in the PRO-MT European Monster Truck Racing Championship. Swamp Thing missed out on first place by just 35 points in the racing championship (Bigfoot won), third place monster truck Thunderfoot was 95 points behind Swamp Thing.

So a big well done to Tony on his first action packed year of Monster Truck Racing.

22/08/03 - Although not entirely Monster Truck related this certainly is BIG NEWS. Tony and Claire had a new addition to the Swamp Thing Monster Truck Family today at about 12.30pm. On the phone to me today, Tony said both mother and child are doing fine, and they have decided to call the baby, which up to now has been known as "Mini Me", George.

George Swamp ThingClick for a larger image of George.

19/08/03 - New Swamp Thing website launched. There will be more pictures and movies added regularly, so please come back soon. If you want to keep up to date with the website changes, please join the mailing list.


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