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19/12/2004 - On Granada men and motors channel on sky Channel number 136 on Sundays and Wednesdays they are repeating their first series of Bigfoot and friends so if you missed it the first time you've now got a second chance to see the first series of ProMT racing in Europe.

18/12/04 - Swamp Thing is proud to announce a new sponsor for 2005 with Autocraft SVE Ltd. They have built a brand new 540 cu in. motor fitted with a BDS supercharged producing 1200 bhp. For more details about Autocraft SVE check out www.autocraftsve.co.uk

17/03/2004 - Sorry for the long pause in the news as there has been no racing over the winter months there has not been a lot of report. But the team has still been busy, Swamp Thing has now had new engine fitted, which is larger and more powerful than the old unit. It is now 540 cu in. or 8 ½ litres, which is supercharged and produces 1100 Bhp.
Because of the engine upgrade this has led to the gearbox also been replaced this time by a full race prepared gearbox by AutoMatics of Leighton Buzzard, UK. www.okdiy.co.uk or E-mail Info@ukautomatics.freeserve.co.uk.

Also later in 2004 Swamp Thing will change its appearance the team has just ordered a brand-new Ford F-350 Super duty body. Which is during the next few weeks will be fitted mid-season to the truck.

I have had a lot of emails from people ask me why the name Swamp Thing and where did I get the idea from.
It all started when ten years ago I went on our honeymoon with my wife to Orlando in America. We were driving down one of the back roads in that area and there was a huge alligator sitting there and would not move out of the way.
My wife said to me "look there's a huge crocodile in the road". I said "that's no crocodile that the Swamp Thing."
The closer we drove in the car the alligator move towards us just opened his mouth as a bit more until we were nearly touching. In the end he just was not going to move and so we had to turn the car a round and find another way back to the hotel.
And that's one thing that really stuck in my mind the creature from the Swamp that would make cars feel weak and feeble and that would rather bite you than move out of your way, just like the Swamp Thing Monster truck then!


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