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18/12/2005 - The first viewing figures have just coming in from Ch4 and there were amazed, "one in every eight people who were watching TV at all were watching MONSTER MANIA................!"

The 2006 calendar for the 2006 Monster Mania Tour is now on the events page.

06/09/2005 - The Swamp Thing 4x4 monster Truck has finished 2nd in the European ProMT racing series.

The Team would like to thank all it's sponsors and fans for all there help on support for make this possible.

If you missed any for the rounds of racing it will be on CH4 from the 23rd Oct 2005 on a sunday night for six weeks.

31/08/2005 - Photos of our latest racing from Norfolk Showground have been put up in the photo gallery, curtisy of Msport-uk.com.

11/07/2005 - The Swamp Thing 4x4 monster truck has had a good opening to the 2005 ProMT as it stands at the moment the truck is in second place.

To find out the last UK Monster Truck News log on to www.mtruk.net

08/06/2005 - Swamp Thing 4x4 & Bigfoot were at Truckfest Driffield at the weekend for two days of jumping (no racing). The first to jump on the Saturday was me (swampy) I cleared all the cars but landed hard on one wheel.

Next up was Nigel in Bigfoot and he came out with a lovely clearing jump.

Next jump was me again, I air the jump out the crowed went nuts. Back to Bigfoot to beat it.

Nigel put Bigfoot on the start line and the went backwards 15feet, this only could mean one thing (big air time) and I was right a big jump with a very heavy front landing and with a big Bang the front Wheel came off. He was fine but the truck was hurt.

When we had sorted Nigel out, my pit crew noticed a big crack in my front axle to and the truck couldn't be moved.

What do you do, you have still one more day of jumping to do and no truck that works.

Phone Karl from Slingshot MT Racing Ltd or the fourth emergency service.

Karl and the team leaped in to work by taking there own parts from there race truck to replace the ones Bigfoot that broke. Karl and the team (including Kevin master welder) drove to Driffield in there van to start work on Bigfoot and Swampy. First we stated working on Bigfoot as this was the easiest truck to fix, we then started on Swamp Thing. First we had to straighten the axle and then weld it, this was a very big job and lasted right through the night till 5:30am the next morning.

The next day both trucks were fix and ready perform. The jumping was spectacular and with all your help both trucks stayed in on piece.

We would just like to say a big thank you...

All the best Swampy

Video Clip from Driffeld here (1mb file)

04/05/2005 - The Swamp Thing 4x4 Monster Truck has now changed to a new body and paint design and is now a Ford 2004 F350 Super Duty. The paint was looked after by Paint Products and was launched at Truckfest Peterborough on the 1 & 2 May 2005.

20/02/2005 - The Swamp Thing 4x4 monster truck team is very pleased to announce that it will be participating in all 5 Truckfest in 2005 which stretch all over the United Kingdom so no matter where you live you should not have to travel to far to see the awesome spectacle of the Swamp Thing 4x4 monster truck in action.

For more information about Truckfest please visit the events section or visit their official Web site www.truckfest.co.uk


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